Ahoy there!

kettering9-coverSet the controls for the heart of the Fun! Blast off in the good ship The Kettering, bending the laws of time and physics to bring you… oh, I dunno, something or other.

In a packed Issue 9 we’ve done got…

THIS IS THE BBC - the corporation vs comedy

THE SECRET SERVICE - Stanley Unwin meets Supermarionation

WHICH ONE’S THE FIXER? - The world of TV bands

ALAN KLEIN - Pre-Britpop laughs for post-war Britain

PENNY POINTS TO PARADISE - proto-Gooning in Brighton

THE OXBRIDGE KIDS - Admit it, you’re hooked

PLUS - Mike Yarwood, Helen Atkinson Wood  and more!

All this for only £3 plus post and packing (50p UK, £1.00 overseas)

Get ‘em while you can!

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